Money – What to do with it?

saveIf you’re feeling flush with the upturn in the economy or want to put something away for the future, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with it. Luckily, our local Financial Planner Nick Lawlor has some solid advice that you might find useful.

Nick is a Qualified Financial Adviser (QFA) has also become one of only 226 Certified Financial Planners ™ operating in Ireland. This gives him a highly qualified insight into the financial services industry in Ireland which he is happy to share with his clients.

He’s based in Keepers Cottage on the Main Street, so why not give him a call on 0863161232 and drop in for a chat. He’ll even make you a cuppa!

Read his latest newsletter: Lawlor Financial Planning Newsletter May 2015



Curtains And Blinds Leixlip

14079028_sWe hate to say it but Christmas is only a 12 weeks away!

Why not plan for this festive season and get your home or office into shape!

Now is the time to check out the great selection of curtains and blinds that are available locally! From fully lined custom made curtains, to ready mades, blinds including wooden blinds in a huge range of colours, you’re local supplier has them all.

You’ll have plenty of time to choose and have them installed by Christmas.

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Free Financial Review


Lawlor Financial Planning– Plan for your future, today.

Nick Lawlor runs Lawlor Financial Planning, an independent financial planning company based in Keeper Cottage the end of the Main St in Leixlip. Nick is one of less than 250 Certified Financial Planners ™ operating in Ireland today and prides himself on being able to take the guesswork out of financial decisions, no matter how big or small. Nick is building his business locally helping companies and individuals alike get the most from their money so take advantage of the chance to get a free financial review today.

To celebrate the launch of, Nick is offering a promotion to the first 50 people who submit their details through his website,  for a free financial review.  Just go to the contact us page and enter your detail to enter.

Mortgage/Life insurance


Being independent means Nick can make sure you are not overpaying and can shop around for best possible price on the market today. If you haven’t reviewed your life insurance recently enter your details on to have your policy reviewed today! Why overpay for life insurance. Its better in your pocket than anyone else’s and even the smallest of savings all add up!



Take the guess work out of your pension and let Nick review your pension’s performance, charges and structure. Have you stopped paying into your pension and it is just sitting there unwatched? Have you left employment recently and left your pension behind? Or do you employ people and want to provide a pension scheme for them. Contact Nick Today for a no obligation chat at

Savings and Investing


With bank deposit rates so low and DIRT tax so high, it’s time to consider how you can make your money work for you. Whether it savings for the kids education or for a rainy day fund, it’s important to look at how best you can invest your money to make sure you get more for it than before. Nick can guide you through all the options and help you achieve your financial goals.

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You can contact Nick directly on his mobile at 0863161232, email or enter your details through his website